Team Members Daily Timetable

What will I be doing?




A CIO team is busy!

Training covered:
Cross cultural communication
Uniqueness of Christ
Sharing Jesus and opening the Bible in conversations
Engaging with global Christianity
Reaching people from different faiths/backgrounds (e.g. Post-modern, Muslim, Chinese etc)


The mornings of each week day are taken up with a worship and Bible teaching session and training on different aspects of cross cultural ministry.

Afternoons include: 
sports, prayer, preparation for Bible discussions, preparation for drama, meeting students, Explore courses... 


After lunch (the team also splits into groups to prepare all the meals etc) and prayer time and a bit of a break then the afternoons are taken up with going out and about Cambridge to let internationals know about the evening cafes, playing sports and going on outings with internationals - getting to know them better. Friendship is so important in the way we do evangelism. We meet as a team for small groups. Afternoons are also times to meet for 121s if appropriate, and we sometimes run an exploring Christianity course in simple English in the afternoons too.

Andy's Cafe runs from 8-10:30pm


We meet up for supper and then go out to run Andy's cafe in the evening, which is where we get to know international students better. During the café there is a short drama which introduces the theme of the Evangelistic Bible discussion, and then the Bible discussion takes place in another room for anyone who wants to join. Prep for drama and Bible discussion takes place in the afternoons.



 Bible teaching and worship
Small group time to discuss and pray
Training to equip you in evangelism 



Inviting internationals around town to our events
Spending time with internationals in different ways – sports, English practice, walks etc
Preparing Bible discussions and other practicalities for the evening 



The team runs this social venue from 8-10.30pm
Chatting with internationals and serving practically
Each evening has a different theme – cultural/food/games etc
There is a question and optional Bible discussion each evening to help our friends consider Jesus more 

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