Your team will be led by a group of leaders who have experience in Christian ministry and evangelism.

  Each team will be divided into small groups to provide a place for reflection, supporting one another and doing tasks together.

  A range of different responsibilities will be given by the team leaders to some team members. These include small group leading, leading worship, organising sports, or taking care of some practical matters.

  Every team member will find there are plenty of ways to contribute to the team!

Team Leaders

Your main leaders have all had experience in Christian ministry and evangelism. They will run the programme and lead the café teams. Please consider them as your bosses/pastors or whatever while you are here!

Small Groups

The team is also broken down into ‘small groups’ (5-7 people including a leader) for prayer, study, fellowship and jobs. We hope that these groups will be a great blessing, with all members participating and serving together.

Team unity

These various leaders are there so that the whole team can work at its best. But we believe each team member, gifted by God has their own part to play, which only they can do. See team principles

Other roles

There are also other responsibilities taken by team members: Bible discussion group co-ordinator, language school visiting organiser, music co-ordinator, drama co-ordinators etc.

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