Being a team member

One of the great things about CIO is that the team is made up of Christians from many different countries and backgrounds. We will each arrive with different expectations and approaches, so please come ready to be flexible in your own preferences for the sake of team unity.  The way we ask you to do things on CIO may not be what you are used to in your culture/own country/own church; however from our experience we have found that these are the most helpful guidelines, especially when we are from so many different cultures and meeting people from so many different backgrounds and worldviews. Our guidelines are in place to help us to respect others and avoid misunderstandings, not to be legalistic.


Is it for me?

The main requirements are a genuine Christian faith and a willingness to learn and serve (it's not a holiday!)
For each team we are also looking for some individuals particularly gifted in: catering for large groups, Bible study leading, mending bikes, music and teaching English to fill special roles. 



We have come together under God, because of what Jesus has done for us. Our relationship with Him is the basis for joining this team. We will therefore:

make time to focus on our own relationship with God

be prepared to learn things which help us grow, even if they are difficult

rely on Him for strength; serve Him because of his grace, not to earn it

not worry about making mistakes – we are accepted by Him because of Jesus not because we’re perfect

make getting rest an important use of our time so that we can use our minds and bodies to the best of our ability in serving God


God is love, and if we know him we will be loving those around us more than ourselves. Our love for our brothers and sisters (teammates, host families, other helpers) is one of the things which shows people that we are Jesus’ disciples. We show love to everyone we meet because they are precious people made in God’s image. Therefore:

+ since unity in Christ is the most important thing, where we disagree about other things, we will do so respectfully, and it will not break our fellowship

we will help to keep unity in the team by working with the team leader and supporting them in their role

we will be good listeners

we will look out for our teammates and see how we can help them and pray for them

we will be quick to forgive and to ask for forgiveness

the most important friendships we will seek to develop during our outreach will be with people of the same sex as ourselves; we will avoid talking for a long time with someone of the opposite sex so we can avoid miscommunication

we will wear modest clothes (e.g. making sure our shoulders, stomachs and thighs are covered, and we will not wear tight or revealing clothes)

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