Every summer thousands of people flood into Cambridge from all over the world to learn English.

CIO is a hugely exciting chance to reach out to them with the gospel and grow in your faith.

CIO is a summer outreach programme run by teams of Christians, who reach out to international students in Cambridge. Teams are made up of about 30 people from all over the world and last for two weeks. 

Team 1: 11th July 2021 - 25th July

Team 2: 25th July - August 8th

Who runs CIO?

CIO is organised by Friends International, but with the support of many local churches and Christians in Cambridge. Jenny Hunter is the co-ordinator of CIO, and has a committee of lovely people who help with the applications, some of the planning, finding host families for team members to stay with, musicians to play at the cafés etc.
CIO teams are led by a male and a female leader who has experience in Christian ministry and evangelism.

Vision statement
CIO aims to both evangelise internationals through word and deed, and to disciple Christian team members in a cross-cultural ministry context for the glory of God in the nations through dependence on God in prayer.

  • To reach out to international students in Cambridge with the gospel through genuine love and friendship, being ready to share the Christian hope, and proclaiming the gospel through planned/scheduled/organised opportunities/events/activities (one of those words/phrases!) Try it now!
  • To disciple Christians by equipping them through training sessions and giving them a chance to experience cross-cultural ministry in hands on outreach, whilst caring for their pastoral needs and spiritual growth. t now!
  • To provide opportunities for Christians and local churches in Cambridge to serve God’s Kingdom through using their gifts, resources and prayer in the running of CIO.  Try it now!

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